I have 2 tables, company and interns. the initial relationships are,

  • An intern belongs to only one company.
  • A company has many interns

I have a slight problem with these relationships.

If the student changes to another company halfway through but needs the record of the previous company to be kept, is it correct if I change the relationship to become 'An intern belongs to many company' and create a third table to handle the 'many-to-many' relationship?

Or should I just leave it at that and instead create a 'log' table that logs the students' previous company?

Or is there a better way?

Note : Imagine that this system requires the most efficient way of storing data and that student cannot belong to two or more different companies at the same time.

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I don't think there is many-to-many relationship exists in this case as the Intern will always be associated with a single company.

I would prefer to go with say a LOG (or InternCompanyHistory) table to save InternId, CompanyId and DateOfChange or any other attributes associated with change of company.

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