I have configured ssl = on in postgresql.conf (and installed a certificate etcetera). Does this ensure that all clients will always connect over SSL?

(I.e. does ssl = on it make it impossible to connect without SSL encryption?)

Are there other ways to ensure that all clients always connect over SSL/TLS?

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ssl = on only enables the possibility of using SSL.

To ensure that all clients are using SSL, add hostssl lines in pg_hba.conf, e.g.,

hostssl  all  all  md5

and remove all host lines. (Well, maybe keep the ones for localhost.)

If the desire is to force the client to send a certificate, then md5 has to be changed to cert. e.g.,

hostssl  all  all  cert

No, that simply enables the use of SSL. You need to also make the appropriate changes to your pg_hga.conf file.


Just FYI, Try to avoid making connections without passwords. One of the strongest choices would be ssl (verify-full mode) + password authentication (encrypted with scram-sha-256).

Your pg_hba.conf could be like:

hostssl  all  all  scram-sha-256 clientcert=verify-full

The server can make sure clients connecting to it use TLS. This is done by using the hostssl connection type instead of host in the pg_hba.conf file.

However, this does not prevent man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks because PostgreSQL clients by default use sslmode=prefer which means opportunistic encryption. In this mode, a client does not validate the server certificate. It does not even use encryption if the server it connects to (which may be a MITM) does not offer TLS. Therefore it only prevents passive wiretapping, but not active attacks.

To really enforce secure connections, you have to make sure your clients use sslmode=verify-full. Another way would be the use of certificate authentication by setting the auth-method to cert in your pg_hba.conf file which makes sure the client connecting to the server is a known client and not a MITM. Using certificate authentication, a client connecting to a MITM may still send some login credentials to the MITM, but it won’t be possible to use those to connect to the real server.

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