When starting my Tomcat Apache Server, I've been having to start up mysql before than using the mysqld command. I was wondering if there was a work around this so that I could have mysql start up when I run the startup.bat command for tomcat.

Sorry, if this is an easy question. I have a very limited understanding of both databases and web servers so I wasn't able to find or understand any information I found on google.

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You are going to love this.

Just install mysqld as a Windows Service. Ready ?

From the Windows DOS shell (ran as Administrator), go to the folder where mysqld.exe is located

Run this

mysqld --install

That's it. You can go to

  • ControlPanel
  • Administrative Tools
  • Service

When the Services Window opens, scroll alphabetically can you will see MySQL as a service

Restart Windows

When Windows comes back up, mysqld.exe should already be running.

Give it a Try !!!

See my other from ServerFault : (Feb 10, 2011 : Installing isolated instance of MySQL on Windows using silent install with .msi)

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