I have two tables: orders and ordersdetail...(partial table)

orders- id(primary key), amount, date( index)

orderdeails- id(primary key), skunitid, quantity, order_id

Each order has multiple order details.


SELECT Sum(orders.amount), SUM(ordersdetails.quantity) 
FROM orders joins orderdetails on ordersdetail.order_id = orders.id 
WHERE {{conditions on date column of order table}}

I know its the wrong query, but I want data from both tables in single query (single iteration). When I use a join, the order table's amount comes so many times. How I can get the sum of amount and sum of quantity in single query (I have an index on date column in the order table which has million rows).

I need an efficient way..

  • At what level do you need the summation? Are you interested in a general sum, a sum by order, a sum by date or some other level? Dec 12, 2014 at 20:18
  • i have given date range...i have to find sum.. Dec 12, 2014 at 20:19

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Suppose your date range is 2014-12-08 to 2014-12-11

This would be the Query you need

SELECT B.*,A.quantity
        AA.id,SUM(BB.quantity) quantity
        SELECT id FROM orders
        WHERE date >= '2014-12-08' AND date <= '2014-12-11'
    ) AA INNER JOIN orderdetails BB ON AA.id = BB.order_id
    GROUP BY AA.id
) A INNER JOIN orders B USING (id);

This should work, takes maximum use of your date index and minimizes possible join anomalies:

SELECT (SELECT SUM(orders.amount) FROM orders WHERE orders.date >= [BEGIN DATE] and orders.date < [END DATE) amount, (SELECT SUM(od.quantitiy) FROM ordersdetails od INNER JOIN orders o ON od.id = o.id AND o.date >= [BEGIN DATE] and o.date < [END DATE) amount) quantity

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