my sites dont need use ID at all, then I am trying to manage user by username.

Assume my sites is abc.com, then access to user profile by URL: abc.com/user1

So if you want to view all info of that user, you can get by Model User ( Laravel Framework):

$user = User::find(user1);
$email = $user->email;
$sex = user1->sex;

Second method, if use ID as primary key, but my project no need to use id at all.

$user = $User::find($id);
 $email = $user->email;
 $sex = user1->sex;

As you can see, First method is faster than second, because "Username" field has indexed. Should i use username for primary key in this situation? I use MySQL.


If you don't like using primary keys that are auto generated, there is another way.

Instead of indexing the userID (which is large and slow to index, because it is a string) you can instead index the hash value of userID. You can then do:

  , Username VARCHAR(255)

And you can find the user with:

$user = User::find(hash(user1));

You just need to pick a good hash function. A great candidate is MurmurHash (google it).

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