Please help me in appending the Single quotes and constant timestamp to my query output. Given below is the expected output from my param file.

Note: Query is executed through sqlplus

Expected output in spool file(params.txt):

'15-DEC-2014 23:59:59'


spool C:\output\params.txt
variable from_date varchar2(30);
variable to_date varchar2(30);
set verify off 
set feedback off 
set trimspool on 
set linesize 1000
set term off 
set colsep , 
set pagesize 0
set heading on
set underline off

  :From_date := '&1';
  :To_date := '&2';
end; /

select to_date(:From_date,'dd-mon-yyyy') from Scehma.table1;
select to_date(:To_date, 'dd-mon-yyyy') from Scehma.table1;
exit 0;

To add single quotes in a string literal, just double it, or use the chr function.

E.g. 'hello '' world' represents the string hello ' world. 'hello '||char(39)||' world' is the same. '''' is a string literal representing a single single-quote.

To get your fixed end time, just concatenate it.

select ''''||to_date(:From_date,'dd-mon-yyyy')||'''' from Scehma.table1;
select ''''||to_date(:To_date,  'dd-mon-yyyy')||' 23:59:59''' from Scehma.table1;
  • Thanks a lot for your immediate respone, it is working as expected. – user61411 Dec 18 '14 at 12:12

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