How do you run a query to list all tables, or all tables where tableName like '%abc%'.

Just poking around, I tried the following with no success:

select * from SYS.TAB$
select * from SYS.OBJ$ where Name like '%abc%'

I'm trying to re-learn in Oracle some basic things I know in MSSQL.


Depending on your privilege level, you'd want to use DBA_TABLES, ALL_TABLES, or USER_TABLES. There is a StackOverflow thread that walks through this in some detail.

By default, Oracle identifiers are going to be stored in upper case in the data dictionary and queries are case-sensitive. Most likely, if you have a table whose name contains the string "abc", you'd need to search in upper case, i.e.

  FROM dba_tables
 WHERE table_name LIKE '%ABC%'
  • Perfect, and I can filter on OWNER as well. Dec 18 '14 at 21:46

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