I need to set up a SQL Server Audit to capture all database activity for all logins except one - the login our application runs under. In this case the login I want to exclude is CPSDOM\cpointedb.

In SQL Server Management Studio under 'Security / Logins' I see the login CPSDOM\cpointedb. But, when I look under 'Databases / dbName / Security / Users', I do not see the user CPSDOM\cpointedb.

When I set up my Database Audit Specification I also do not see a CPSDOM\cpointedb user. I was hoping to see this user listed in the Database Audit Specification so I could check all the users except that one.

Is there a different (better) way to do this? All I want to do is set up an audit that excludes one user.

I like the idea of just auditing all users (public) in the audit and excluding CPSDOM\cpointedb from the analysis, but I am concerned this may cause performance problems. Is that a valid concern?

  • How does CPSDOM\cpointedb have access to this specific database? Through role membership or AD group membership perhaps? – Aaron Bertrand Dec 19 '14 at 17:32
  • Hmm, I have to show my ignorance. I believe CPSDOM\cpointedb has access to the db because it shows up as a user under Security / Logins. Apparently it does not have to be explicitly identified as a user to the db. – user2135970 Dec 22 '14 at 15:03

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