I am deploying Oracle Golden Gate to sync data from Sql Server 2008 to Sql Server 2008. One of the extract process have stopped.This is the error:

2014-12-21 17:22:09  ERROR   OGG-00146  Call to VAMRead returned with error stat
us 600: VAM Client Report <[mssqlvam::CGGSApi::PartialUpdateOperation] Updates a
re not supported on tables that do not have TRANDATA added. TranId: 0000:001b210
9, Table: "dbo"."Sys_MaxKey">.

I try to use command:

add trandata Sys_MaxKey

but the problem still exists,and i can't start ext002 (extract process name).


The oracle documentation says this about this Golden gate error

OGG-00146: Call to {0} returned with error status {1,number,0}: {2}

Cause: One of the VAM API functions implemented in the VAM module returned an error status on completion of the call to that function in the VAM kernel, after previously reporting a fatal error in the call.

Action: Contact Oracle Support or, if you are working with an Oracle GoldenGate developer, contact that person

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  • I have read this document,but can not solve my problem. – Dolphin Dec 25 '14 at 10:01

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