I'm a newbie to SSAS OLAP so please apologize me if it was a silly question but surely I need suggestions. I would like to make clear some concepts which was confusing for me.

Let us consider five tables:

1. FileImport

2. DepositLog

3. Divisions

4. CardDetail

5. Date

Here, the process is, I'm importing a deposit file to database so the file details like name, date and time will be imported to FileImport table.

The data inside of the file will be imported to DepositLog.

The Divisions table will have the clients detail and the CardDetail has the card types and card holder data details.

So, DepositLog will have primary-foreign key relationships to FileImport, DivisionID, Date and CardDetail.

For example,

FileImport has columns as shown below

 1. FilePkId
 2. FileName

Divisions has columns as shown below

  1. DivisionPkId
  2. DivisionName

CardDetail has columns as shown below

1. CardPkID
2. CardNumber
3. CardExpDate


1. DatePkId --> has date as key value
2. Monthname
3. Yearname

DepositLog table has columns with primary-foreign key relationship to all those above four tables:

   1. Id
   2. FileFkId
   3. DivisionFkId
   4. CardFkId
   5. DepositSubmitDate --> has foreign key relationship with (DatePkId from Date table)
   6. DepositUnit --> numeric value column

My Doubts:

  1. When adding the table to DSV, do I need to specify the same relationship between those tables as specified above?

  2. When creating a dimension for DepositLog table, what are the dimension attributes we have to select into it?

  3. How to define the attribute relationship for those attributes in DepositLog dimension?

  4. Is that necessary to create or set attribute relationship even if the dimension has no hierarchies in it?

  5. How does the tables are joined in SSAS and whether in DSV or dimension or based on Dimension Usage that we have specified ?

  6. Please suggest me some links which may help me to gain insight into SSAS.

Please guide me through the following and thanks in advance.

  • Rajesh, just a quick suggestion. I suggest adding a MonthEndDate (or a MonthBeginDate) column to your date dimension. SSAS users typically like using these columns as it ensures that data doesn't get grouped across years (last January and this January in the same column), and it provides a convenient mechanism for ordering a line graph (which sometimes gets rendered in alphabetical order) – Mark Iannucci Dec 24 '14 at 16:16
  • @MarkIannucci I have monthname, date alone and some other columns at Date table. My problem is, I'm getting calculation value greater than the actual value and sometimes it was empty even if it has data. – RajeshKannan Dec 24 '14 at 19:19
  • @MarkIannucci As I have started working in SSAS, I'm looking to have a in-depth knowledge in it. So kindly provide your valuable comments. – RajeshKannan Dec 24 '14 at 19:23

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