I just got my Hamachi VPN set up. For anyone familiar with Hamachi, I have it set up as a gateway so I'm part of the network when I'm away. Almost everything seems to be working perfectly. I can even backup using Windows Home Server if I want.

I cannot connect to my SQL Server from SQL Server Management Studio. Of course, when I'm at home, everything works perfectly. I can communicate with the database server just fine remotely (i.e., ping). I just can't connect with SSMS. The network configuration is at the default (TCP Enabled).

Does anyone know

  • Why I can't connect?
  • How I can determine why I can't?

Extra info:

  1. Using a Workgroup, not a domain.
  2. Using port 1433 to connect
  3. Connecting to the default instance

Have you allowed remote connections in Surface Area Configuration -> Services and Connections -> Remote Connections?

I haven't specifically tried recently, but I have enabled TCP & Named pipes. You can also force a protocol if you need to, e.g. in the server name, use NP:myserver in order to force named pipes, or TCP:myserver in order to force TCP.

Try enabling named pipes in the connection setup too - client and server.

Also, hamachi normally uses its own IP range, so you should check that you can actually telnet to port 1433 of your server.

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