Installed Oracle Database on Linux based OS. Listener is ok. But Oracle is not. (I changed all angular brackets to vertical, because parser not shows angular brackets)

ORA-48108: invalid value given for the diagnostic_dest init.ora parameter
ORA-48140: the specified ADR Base directory does not exist [/volumeX/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/xe/dbs/|ORACLE_BASE|]
ORA-48187: specified directory does not exist

Thats line in initXE.ora and init.ora:


Result of echo $ORACLE_BASE:


u01 is a symlink of volumeX directory.

How to solve this problem?

It is on Linux DiskStation 3.2.40.

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Just set:




The error message you receive indicates that the value for this parameter is currently stored in a format that the database can not interpret. When this happens, the database will search for this directory in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs as seen below the ORA-48140 line.

Or you can just simply delete this line, and the parameter value will default to $ORACLE_BASE.

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