I have installed Sybase(Developer's Edition for ASE 16.0) on a linux machine. I have executed the setup.bin file, and installed it using GUI. After this, I tried connecting to the localhost server, by running the dbisql executable in the DBISQL-16_0/bin folder of the base-installation-folder but couldn't connect to the 'localhost:5000' server, using the username/password of the server. I am not sure if the server is tarted. Do I need to run anything to start the server, or perform any other actions before trying to connect using this client?

Any help regarding this is highly appreciated.

  • Contact Sybase for support issues running their server. This site is for programming related questions. Sybase has it's own forums.
    – Ken White
    Jan 2, 2015 at 14:18
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    @Michael: Possibly; I'm not sure it fits in the guidelines there. No matter, though; it's not on-topic here. :-)
    – Ken White
    Jan 7, 2015 at 2:33

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Following information was found on sybasewiki Hope this helps !

How to start the sybase server?

After log in your Linux/Unix machine.

Step 1:  Find out current location or present working directory.
Step 2:  Locate environmental file SYBASE.sh or SYBASE.csh profile which is ,by default, located in $SYBASE.
Step 3:  Run environmental file.
Step 4:  Verify SYBASE.sh or SYBASE.csh run properly.
Step 5:  Find out RUN_Serverfile
Step 6:  Start server with startserver.
Step 7:  Start backup server with startserver.

Step 1: pwd   -- know your present working directory.
Step 2: cd  <directory_name_where_SYBASE.sh_present> --find out SYBASE.sh profile which can you find SYBASE ASE directory.
Step 3: . SYBASE.sh   -- run it and include it.
Step 4: echo $SYBABE  -- shows path where $SYBASE created which verify that SYBASE.sh run prperly.
Step 5: cd $SYBASE/SYBASE_ASE/install 
        ls -ltr  -- find out RUN_server_file name.
Step 6: startserver -f RUN_servername

Starting Back Up Server :
 Step 7:startserver -f RUN_SYB_BACKUP

Note: depends upon installation where SYBASE ASE Server installed, so relative path of Run_serverfile can be differ.

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