tl;dr: I'm looking for the equivilant of !! sqlcmd -S $(Server) -o foo.sql -d $database -Q "EXEC sp_generate_merge 'table_name'" in a SSDT post deploy script, but !! doesn't seem to be supported.

I have a SSDT database project with tables of "static data" that I populate via MERGE statements in the post deploy script. Many of these tables are reverse engineered from I found this article about using :r foo.sqlto have multiple files for post deploy.

I'd like to take this another step. I'd like generate the the merge statement by calling sp_generate_merge from a reference database on a remote server, and then executing the resulting merge statement on my database. I could use !! SHELL_CMD in sqlcmd or SSMS with SQLCMD mode enables, but that does not work in SSDT. What are my options?

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