So I have a blog and some of my entries are set to "members", but I want to set them to "everyone". I originally thought it was only a few entries and so I thought to change them manually using PhpMyAdmin, but quickly realized I had more than I thought.

When using PhpMyAdmin I noticed when making the change manually (point and click) this was the command it was using (see below). I'd like to repeat this but for ALL entries.

Is there a wild card I can use for the entry_id value?

UPDATE `database_name`.`blog_entry` 
SET `allow_view_entry` = 'everyone' 
WHERE `blog_entry`.`entry_id` = 4624;

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  • If you want to update all rows, just remove the where clause. – Colin 't Hart Mar 3 '15 at 10:31

Well, if you want to update ALL entries, why don't you just get rid of the condition, and execute:

UPDATE blog_entry SET allow_view_entry = 'everyone'

Otherwise, you can use a wildcard indeed, and build your statement like this:

UPDATE blog_entry SET allow_view_entry = 'everyone'
WHERE entry_id LIKE '%245%'

using the common wildcards that go with the LIKE operator.

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