I have to design a SSIS package which uses Excel Source files and inserts the data into SQL Server Database.

The problem is that I've created the packages top transfer data, but now I need to validate whether the Number of Rows in Excel File and the number of Rows in Database are the same. usually a single package has to process 3-4 Excel Files and each file has 5-6 sheets in it.

I've searched over the internet and found various ways one of which was that I use 'Row Count' component in Data Flow Tasks but I think that its a useless step since all the rows which will be read from the excel source will surely be transferred to the Destination. I want to know all the Excel Row Counts BEFORE the Data Flow Tasks are executed.

Is there a way to do this?

  • How would you identify the row count in Excel? Have you experienced an instance where the row count you're computing differs from what SSIS was able to extract? – billinkc Jan 22 '15 at 14:32

Not really.

Since Excel isn't a proper client server database, you can't ask it how many rows are there before bringing them in. You could bring them into a staging area and count rows as they come in. If they don't match and you need to handle that with a business process, the destination is untouched. If they meet your validation criteria, do a second transfer to the real destination. You can use a database table for this, or a raw file connection if you'd rather spill to the filesystem. Cache connection managers are useful if your dataset is reasonably sized.

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