Is there a way to enforce a hard limit on the number of characters allowed on a line in the SSMS editor window? I have searched, but am unable to find an option to set this.

I'd like to force the line to wrap at 100 characters if possible.

Alternately, is there a way to set a visible cue at 100 characters (similar to Vim's colorcolumn setting)?



SSMS isn't as full-featured as some other editors out there when it comes to visual formatting. I think the closest you'll get is using word wrap from Tools -> Options and then manually sizing your SSMS window to force it to a smaller column width.

enter image description here

The bottom row of SSMS will tell you what column number your cursor is on, which may be helpful to size your window to approximately 100 columns wide.

enter image description here


Unfortunately I'm not aware of limiting characters but you have the option to enable word wrap for SQL Server Management Studio

Tools-->Options-->Text Editor-->All Languages-->Settings - Check Word Wrap

enter image description here

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