When I attempt to run on the SQL Server 2000 to a query which was developed for SQL Server 2008, I receive the following the error.

ambiguous column name SucNo

Here is my query:

   p.SiraNo, p.SucNo, p.Fail, p.SucAdi, p.SucTarihi, p.Musteki, p.Supheli,
   (select f.AdiSoyadi as Kayıp_Şahıs where f.SucYili = '2011') as Kayıp_Şahıs,
   p.EvrakEksigi, p.EvrakSorumlusu, p.SevkTarihi, p.evrakSevkDurumu,
   p.sucYili as Yıl
 FROM pStationTbl p
 LEFT JOIN kayipTbl f ON p.SucNo = f.SucNo
 WHERE p.SucYili = '2011' 
 ORDER BY CASE evrakSevkDurumu
   When 'Beklemede' Then 1
   WHEN 'İkmal Edildi' Then 2
   Else 3
 End, SucNo DESC

You need to qualify SucNo DESC in the ORDER BY i.e. p.SucNo DESC.

Presumably the SQL2000 query processor can't deduce that f.SucNo and p.SucNo resolves to the same sort, whereas SQL2008 can.

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