I am trying to find records where the post code starts with a certain set of characters from some 10,000 records, 1300 or so of which meet the select below. My code is

Select * from table where mid(postcode,1,2 ) IN ("CV DE LE MK NN")

This returns a zero result A typical postcode would be something like CV1 9AD

If I write

Select * from table where mid(postcode,1,2 ) = "CV"

I get the full list of records for post codes beginning with "CV" I would have thought that the IN statement would work. Can anyone tell me why it does not?


The IN operator expects a list of items, not a single string. You need to structure your query as follows:

Select * from table where mid(postcode,1,2) IN ('CV','DE','LE','MK','NN');

You could also use the string comparison operators:

SELECT * FROM My_Table WHERE postcode LIKE 'CV%';

You can also make use of the powerful REGEXP operators:

SELECT * FROM My_Table WHERE postcode REGEXP '[B-D][U-W]'; (will get the first letter from B to D and second letter from U to W, and so will pick up your desired postcodes - this was just a trivial example for illustrative purposes.

Regular expressions can seem both forbidding and a pain to learn at first (partially true!), but once mastered, quickly become indispensable.

Finally, take some time to peruse the docco - there are lots of (sometimes quirky) functions which can come in handy.

  • +1 for the LIKE. I have yet to find a need to use regexes. – ypercubeᵀᴹ Jan 31 '15 at 15:15

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