After cleaning my table with DELETE FROM MyTable (and executing DBCC shrinkdatabase('MyDB') should that matter) I run the statement EXEC sp_spaceused MyTable. The results confuse me:

tableName   numberOfRows   reservedSize   dataSize   indexSize   unusedSize
---------   ------------   ------------   --------   ---------   ----------
MyTable     0              21664 KB       20672 KB   736 KB      256 KB

As you can see there are zero rows, yet there's almost 21 MB of data. My question is: what are possible causes for this situation and/or how can I further investigate this?

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DELETE does not reclaim space, it deletes rows.

Space can remain allocated for several reasons, 3 of which are:

  • ghost clean up is still running
  • the table has no clustered index
  • the system tables are not updated yet


  • EXEC sp_spaceused 'MyTable', 'true' to force a space used update
  • TRUNCATE TABLE which deallocates space, rather then deleting rows
  • DELETE myTABLE WITH (TABLOCKX) if no clustered index and can't use TRUNCATE

Don't run DBCC shrinkdatabase because it adds no value and it will simply grow again

  • Your first suggestion was half the solution, size is now down from 21MB to 13MB. As to the other suggestions: the table has a clustered index on the PK, and Truncate unfortunately couldn't help as the table is referenced by a FK. I'll have a look at the ghost clean up as well. – Jeroen Dec 14 '11 at 10:47
  • 1
    The other 13 MB is now gone, I'm guessing the ghost clean up bit was my missing piece. – Jeroen Dec 14 '11 at 14:17

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