Is it possible to create a database alias or synonym? What I am hoping to be able to do is have NewDatabaseName aliased as OldDatabaseName to prevent having to rewrite a ton of code.

Backstory: I was approached by a client with a ridiculous self-induced problem. They have a third-party application that has a SQL server back-end. The users have been writing custom reports against this database using Visual Basic, with all database connection information hard-coded in their programs.

Recently the third party software renamed their database. Now all the report EXE's are failing.

Oh, they dont' have a lot of the source code either.

I held back my laughter and said I would see what I could do.


No this isn't possible (Related Feedback Item)

You could create a new database of the original name and fill that with synonyms pointing to all the objects in the renamed database though.

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    For anyone that finds the synonym filled database an acceptable work-around, this newer SO question has code & links to code that will simplify scripting out the synonym creation. stackoverflow.com/questions/21722066/… – Arkaine55 May 13 '16 at 14:58

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