I face recently a problem when starting SQL Server Management Studio. As it can't start, I uninstall it. When trying to install it again, I am asked to select the installation folder of SQL Server.

Browse for SQL Server 2014 Installation media

Unfortunately, nor the MSSQL folder, nor its Binn child solved my problem. Can somebody help get the right folder ?

Edit : I've succeeded installing SSMS again, but I still can not run it. It is showing this message : Error message when starting SSMS

Finally, I cannot guess the source of the problem.


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That dialog asks you for the installation media, pay attention. You need to specify the location from where you've run the original install. That is not an Express uninstall, you are uninstalling a licensed SSMS, so you should provide your original, licensed, CDs.


You are out on deep water here.. never uninstall SSMS without taking the entire (local) SQL Server installation out of PC (I don't assume you are acting like this on a server!). Next time, begin with using the SQL Server Installation Center to fix and repair your issues - or dig deeper on the internet before doing anything rash.

As to the situation at hand: Per this thread on MSDN, every media holds all versions, it is the license which make the distinguishing. So: Find the installation file (e.g. SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe) on the machine, and run it! This will take you through the repair/installation process without the need to point to the installation media (which is supposed to be a physical DVD or iso image). If you have deleted the installation file since the first install, just download a new one from Microsoft Download Center.

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