How do I add keyboard shortcuts in SSMS 2012 to select all the data from table?

In SSMS 2008 we could assign a shortcut in the following way:


This doesn't appear to be possible in SSMS 2012.

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The option is still there (although this is from SQL Server 2014):

enter image description here

You don't normally have to restart SSMS, just open a new query window.


If you take a look at this Connect Item, there is a comment (on a slightly unrelated problem) suggesting that you need to restart SQL Server Management Studio before any changes to the Keyboard Shortcuts take place

Posted by jaredaz on 28/08/2012 at 14:13

This problem seems to go away after restarting management studio (where in prior versions it would begin working in a new query).

Having attempted to replicate this, I can confirm that the shortcut does not work until I restart SSMS, however after a restart I can run SELECT * FROM <table> from Ctrl+3.

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