I want to retrieve from my table the id_product of the products which haven't got some attribute and it's value is not the ones i want

For example i want the id_product of the products in which attribute = 'Product Type' and value != 'Motherboard' AND value != 'Intel Motherboard'

I have the following table: Atr_basic

column         | type                 | attributes
id             | int                  | (identity) primary key
attribute      | varchar              | not null
value          | varchar              | not null
category       | int                  | not null  
id_product     | int                  | not null

The query:

SELECT id_product 
FROM Atr_basic 
WHERE attribute = 'Product Type' 
      AND value != 'Motherboard' AND value != 'Intel Motherboard' AND category = 140

The problem with this query it's only give me the id_product from the products they have Attribute = 'Product Type' but some product doesn't have Attribute = 'Product Type'

I managed to do this query but it takes 120seconds to complete:

SELECT id_product 
FROM Atr_basic as ab
WHERE id_product 
    NOT IN (SELECT a.id_product 
                   FROM Atr_basic as a
                   WHERE a.attribute = 'Product Type' 
                   AND a.value != 'Motherboard' 
                   AND a.value != 'Intel Motherboard' 
                   AND Category = 140)
  • I think you need indexes on attribute, value and category columns
    – cha
    Feb 26, 2015 at 22:22

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You are missing the single quote closure after motherboard in both of your queries

AND value != 'Motherboard AND

AND a.value != 'Motherboard

The first query can be more organized as

SELECT id_product 
FROM Atr_basic 
WHERE attribute = 'Product Type' 
AND category = 140
AND value NOT IN ( 'Motherboard', 'Intel Motherboard') 
  • Compound INDEX(attribute, category) will help performance. Getting rid of the IN(SELECT...) led to the huge speedup.
    – Rick James
    Feb 27, 2015 at 17:56

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