I have a "one to many" relationship in two tables:

Table "products" contains: product_id, product_descr
Table "packing" contains: product_id, package_id, package_desc

One product has often more than one package. I want to create a query in Microsoft Access, where I get all the package options for one product in one row:

product_id package_id1 package_desc1 packageid2 package_desc2 packageid_n package desc_n

The products do have a different number of packages, it's not a fixed number.

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I could achieve your query in three steps. Assuming your table values are like the values listed below:

enter image description here

  • Step 1: In SQL View paste this query and save it as part1, This is for package_id transpose

    TRANSFORM First([packing].package_id)
    SELECT [packing].[product_id]
    FROM packing
    GROUP BY [packing].[product_id]
    PIVOT [packing].package_id;
  • Step 2: In SQL View paste this query and save it as part2, This is for package_desc transpose

    TRANSFORM First(packing.package_desc)
    SELECT packing.product_id
    FROM packing
    GROUP BY packing.product_id
    PIVOT packing.package_id;
  • Step 3: Join above two queries based on product_id to get your result

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