psql -d mydb -U me -h localhost -f db_log.sql -v db_user_string='Me' -v version="1.7.3"

into the script


create table db_log (
    db_owner varchar(255) not null, 
    db_user varchar(255) not null, 
    version varchar(255) not null, 
    created timestamp, 
    id serial primary key

insert into db_log (db_owner, db_user, version, created) 
    VALUES (current_user, :db_user_string, :version, current_timestamp);



psql:db_log.sql:10: ERROR:  syntax error at or near ".3"

Any ideas?

I am using 9.3.0

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    Why do you use varchar(255)? Why not varchar(256), or, even better, unlimited varchar ortext? Mar 3, 2015 at 15:29

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Try an extra layer of quotes around your variables:

psql -d mydb -U me -h localhost -f db_log.sql -v db_user_string="'Me'" -v version="'1.7.3'"

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