How can I get all of the values from 1 column, which do not (or do) have a specific value in one of their rows?

For instance, consider example table:

| ColA | ColB |
| aaa1 | zzz1 |
| aaa1 | zzz2 |
| aaa1 | zzz1 |
| aaa2 | zzz3 |

I want to get each of the values from ColA, where the set group by ColA does not contain a row with a specific value in ColB. i.e.

select ColA from test group by ColA not containing ColB like 'zzz2'

Unfortunately, as far as I know there isn't a containing keyword in MySQL. So what can I do instead? Is there some way to tell having to filter by another column?


This is an anti-semijoin. Can be written with NOT IN, LEFT JOIN / WHERE IS NULL or NOT EXISTS:

select distinct ColA       -- if there is another table where ColA is unique
from test as a             -- use it here, instead of table test
                           -- and remove the distinct
where not exists
      ( select 1 
        from test as b
        where b.ColB = 'zzz2' 
          and b.ColA = a.ColA
      ) ;

You could also use GROUP BY with a CASE expression:

select ColA
from test
group by ColA
having count(case when ColB = 'zzz2' then 1 end) = 0 ;
  • Yes, that's it exactly. Is there a speed difference between the two versions?
    – Benubird
    Mar 4 '15 at 14:31
  • Different execution plans, so different efficiency, depending on the distribution of data as well (i.e. if 95% of the ColA vlaues have a related ColB='zzz2' or if only 5% of them have) Mar 4 '15 at 14:34

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