What are my options in moving result of a query in one server to another table on another server? Data contains ~400.000 rows so it won't be a quick one. (Both of them are SQL Server 2008 R2)

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One option is to use the SqlBulkCopy class via SQLCLR. You can either code this yourself or simply download the Free version of SQL# (which I am the author of) which contains a stored procedure named DB_BulkCopy which encapsulates this functionality. In either case the assembly will need to be given a PERMISSION_SET of EXTERNAL_ACCESS.

If using the SQL# stored procedure, you would do something similar to the following:


SET @MyQuery = N'select some stuffs; -OR- EXEC SomeProc;';

    --@SourceType = N'MSSQL',
    --@SourceConnection = N'Context Connection = true;',
    @SourceQuery = @MyQuery,
    @DestinationConnection =
           N'Data Source=(local); Integrated Security=true; Initial Catalog=tempdb;', -- CHANGE!!
    @DestinationTableName = N'SchemaName.TableName',
    @BatchSize = 3000,
    @NotifyAfterRows = 1000,
    @TimeOut = 1000 -- seconds
    --@ColumnMappings = N'',
    --@BulkCopyOptionsList = N'TableLock|UseInternalTransaction' -- Optional; see descripton below
    --@RowsCopied = @Rows OUTPUT

@BulkCopyOptionsList values:

  • TableLock = Obtain a bulk update lock for the duration of the bulk copy operation. When not specified, row locks are used.
  • UseInternalTransaction = When specified, each batch of the bulk-copy operation will occur within a transaction.
  • additional options described in the SQL# manual.
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The simplest method which we use is something like below

  1. Create a table on destination server using the scripts generated from the table on the source server by right click and going through option of Tasks/Generate scripts.

  2. Then run the below T-SQL to upload the data from source table to destination.

    INSERT INTO dbo.YourTableNameHere SELECT * FROM [SourceServer].[SourceDatabase].dbo.YourTableNameHere

For large data movement, refer to below discussion and answer for same:

Copy a large data from sql query result

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  • Unfortunately, I don't have an option to use Excel as there are more rows to move than can be handled (64k) – Stackoverflowuser Mar 5 '15 at 10:00

I restored the database's backup on the target server and issued an insert into select.

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The tool I wrote is a perfect fit. I uses sqlcmd to export and import data. You just provide *.sql file with query and connect parameters to it.

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