I have two RDS MySQL instances and when I look at the instances page, I have seen a field named "Latest Restore Time" and the value for it is some time stamp in IST time zone.

I would like to know what it actually mean. Being the individual server:

  • What is the need for this to be Restored?
  • Where it gets restored?

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Given the RDS Console tooltip, the Latest Restore Time defines The latest time to which a database can be restored with point-in-time restore. and not the last time the database was restored.

The database can be restored from Amazon RDS Automated Backup tool that can be configured in the Amazon RDS Modify DB Instance page. The default window backup is 7 days, every 30 minutes.


You can restore to any point in time during your backup retention period. To determine the latest restorable time for a DB instance, use the AWS CLI describe-db-instances command and look at the value returned in the LatestRestorableTime field for the DB instance. The latest restorable time for a DB instance is typically within 5 minutes of the current time.


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