We have a master-slave replication which has all Innodb data.

I ran 3 update statements under one transaction on master.

 start transaction
 update T1
 update T2
 update T3
 end transaction

Through replication,these went on to slave.

With some error, replication stopped while executing first update(update T1) on salve.

Now if we issue set global sql-slave-skip-counter=1 on slave and start slave, will it skip update T2 and update T3 also ?

NOTE: All tables T1, T2 and T3 are Innodb tables

Thanks in advance.

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Correct, skipping skips the transaction - not the statement - and that is why it is better to investigate the failure than blindly skipping.

You should use pt-table-checksum and pt-table-sync to resolve drift after a skip since you will likely have diverged.

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