For example, I have two tables. Employees and Products.

Inside Employees I have the fields: emp_ID, emp_fname, emp_lname, emp_products Inside Products I have the fields: pro_ID, pro_name, pro_warehouse, pro_employees

Any employee can sell any product. I want to track which employees sell which products, and which products are sold by which employee.

If I do a lookup wizard in Employees: emp_products and allow multiple selections, and the same thing in Products: pro_employees...then in the Employee: emp_products field I select "Dodge Ram" and "Jeep Rubicon" I want that employee added to the respective Product record in Products: pro_employees.

Is this even possible, and if so...how do I go about this? I'm pretty new and I'm having a hard time searching the right words/phrases for this without coming up with relationship support.

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You need a table to sit between Employees and Products. It will contain the emp_Id and pro_id, though you may discover other columns later. As an employee sells a product insert the corresponding combination of IDs into this table. Remove emp_products and pro_employees from your model.

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