I'm trying to append two tables in MS Access at the moment. This is my SQL View of my Query at the moment:

FROM Table1 INNER JOIN Table2 ON Table1.University = Table2.University;

Where university is the only field name that would have similarities between the two tables. When I try and run the query, I get this error:

Query must have at least one destination field.

I assumed that the INSERT INTO MainTable portion of my SQL was defining the destination, but apparently I am wrong. I am not a very frequent Access user, or database administrator at all, really - I was just tasked with this at work and do not want to disappoint, therefore, any help is greatly appreciated.


If MainTable has more that one colum (I guess it does), then you need to specify it like that:

INSERT INTO MainTable(ColumnName)

Also you have to specify the columns in the SELECT STATEMENT:

SELECT Column1, Column2
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