I think I'm missing a simple point, but I couldn't find a way to use Oracle export (exp/expdp) and Oracle import (ipm/impdp) with Oracle SQL Developer (version 1.5.5)? Is there a way for it?

If possible, how can I make it point different Oracle export or import utilities (which are located different places and have different versions i.e. 10g , 11g)?

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As far as I know, Import/Export and Data Pump are command-line-only types of tools. But if you really wanted to use that functionality from within SQL Developer (or SQL Plus), Data Pump uses the built-in DBMS_DATAPUMP and DBMS_METADATA packages. You should be able to call those packages directly, so I would start there. There's documentation available in the Oracle® Database PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference on both of them (DBMS_METADATA and DBMS_DATAPUMP).


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