Whats the simplest way to deploy multiple reports (.rdl) along with the respective data sources to a machine which cannot be connected to from Visual Studio?

I can only place files at a given location, connect to the report server via remote desktop and execute them. I am not permitted to open firewall ports, or establish any other sort of connectivity between my machine and the report server.

One way is to manually upload the files one at a time, which I wish to avoid.

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You could use a RS.exe script. This would allow you to create a script, a batch file and a set of .rdl files. Then you just call rs.exe with the script you created to upload the files to the report server.

You can find an example here

There is also a tool called rsscripter.exe created Jasper Smith, a SQL Server MVP. Apparently it is now included in finebuild and the zip is still archived. See this link for the original article.

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