My query can be simplified as this:

SELECT a.id, a.name, b.* FROM a LEFT JOIN b ON a.id=b.id

Which b is from group concat select (very dynamic column). Sometimes there are 3 columns in b, sometimes 10 columns depend on filtering.

What I want is something like this:

SELECT a.id, a.name, IFNULL(b.*,0) FROM a LEFT JOIN b ON a.id=b.id

I already looked here and here and the answer is always repeating per column. But I can't apply ifnull per column because I don't know what the columns are. Is there any other approach for replacing null values from left join?

All columns are of the integer type.


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If I understand correctly, you could have any number of columns from table B? If so, then you will need to dynamically create the SQL statement (by querying the information_schema table) and just wrap each column from B in your ifnull(field, ifnullvalue).

  • It's not from specific table, it's generated table from query with dynamic column based on select. So i need all column selected from join to be replaced by 0 if they retun null value. Commented Jul 21, 2015 at 0:56
  • @SeptianPrimadewa the answer does not talk about any base table either. It advises you dynamically build this query, the same way you dynamically build the B derived table/view/query (whatever that is). Commented Jul 21, 2015 at 1:15

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