I have a stored procedure which is calling 20-30 stored procedures. I need these stored procedures to run asynchronously. From what I have read, it seems like executing those stored procedures using SQL tasks in SSIS is the appropriate way to do it.

I have installed required software but I am completely new to it.Can I please get some directions on how to do it? i.e run stored procedures asynchronously using SQL tasks in SSIS,please? Since I am completely new to it,please try to elaborate as much as possible as I have no prior knowledge of this. It will be a great help.



Instead of SSIS I think you might want to look into SQL Server Service Broker. This lets you send messages asynchronously. See here or here for a start.

MSMQ or RabbitMQ may also be options you should consider.


Throw Execute SQL tasks into the control flow and don't link them to each other. Any task without a preceeding task will run asychronously.

Executing 20 - 30 Stored procedures in parallel would bring you a lot of workload. I say think twice about it. I have a developer who did that with a custom written windows service, i am facing resorce_semaphore wait types every time they ran.

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