My os is: windows 7 x64

I tried to download oracle and install it in my computer, but I have downloaded 3 different oracle releases(including oracle 11G), they can't be installed.

They reported such error:

Need os version: 5.1, ..., 6.0
But found: 6.1

I have spent a day to download them, that I don't know which one I should try.

Is there any oracle 10G can run in windows 7 x64? If not, oracle 11G would be fine.

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I'm re-reading your post, trying to determine if you're having problems installing 10g, 11g or both. Whichever, I found an article on how to install Oracle 11g on Windows 7, describing the problem that you're having above. Basically, the installer should present you with an option to override the prerequisite OS check. Follow the link, go to step #3 and see if that helps you.


Oracle Database 11gR2 (ie: and above) is when support for Windows 7 x64 officially began. If you downloaded any of the 11gR2 releases it should install just fine (I've installed on Win7 x64).

You can download the files from My Oracle Support or here: Oracle Database Software Downloads.

Older versions (eg: 11gR1 and below) are not officially supported. Yes, you can disable the pre-requisite checks and install it. But do so at your peril.

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