I'm trying to use extended events to track queries that never complete using Event Pairing as a target. (see this question I asked a few days ago). The event pairing target should let me find queries that started but never completed.

My new problem is that I need to know what else was happening on the server when this event happens. I'd like to execute a stored procedure like sp_who, sp_who2, sp_WhoIsActive, etc. whenever I find a query that has not completed in 20+ seconds, for example. Is this possible?

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Out of the box, no.

You'd need to hook into the event stream for extended events and then take action based on that. Tom Stringer has a good overview and sample code to do this!

See also Introducing the Extended Events Reader by Mike Wachal.

Jonathan Kehayias also describes it in detail in his Pluralsight course.


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