I'm trying to load data from CSV file, but occurs error

Error Code: 1366. Incorrect integer value: 'abcdxxx' for column 'col' at row 123545.

I Have file with multiple breaklines CRLF's in content, the line separator is LF, text tools cannot find returned string, so I suppose there is problem with charset. Do exists posibility to have returned values(line) from file that caused error server returned? I cannot find values that caused error.

  • Let's see a couple of lines around #123545. Let's see the LOAD command. Let's see SHOW CREATE TABLE for what you are loading into. (Edit your question with this info) – Rick James Apr 17 '15 at 19:25

Errors occured because of unescaped backshlashes. Values preceeded with \ were inrepereted as ascii signs, but they weren't. To avoid this error backslash - \ should be escaped by additional backslash - \ so occurences of backslashes should be changed to double backslashes - \\ .

  • There is not enough detail in the question for anyone to have come to this conclusion – Gaius Jun 23 '18 at 14:25

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