Using this definition of the CAP theorem:

Consistency All database clients see the same data, even with concurrent updates.

Availability All database clients are able to access some version of the data.

Partition tolerance The database can be split over multiple servers.

My understanding is by data they mean a row in the database.

If I choose a database which is AP and I have a table whose rows never get updates after the initial insert (say for example a log table), will that be consistent, available and partition tolerant?

  • I suggest that you work hard (! :-) ) and read Michael Stonebraker's writings on this area. Basically, he argues that NoSQL is throwing the baby out with bathwater and that throwing out ACID is throwing out the C - which he argues is much more important than A - since these days, network outages are so rare. He further argues that when your ordinary joe soap programmer tries to overcome this, they will fail. It's easier to overcome a failure in A (hardware) than C (fallible human programmers). Your question doesn't make sense - if the network fails, local updates will not be mirrored. – Vérace Apr 23 '15 at 18:11

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