I've been tasked with sending a small monthly report to for one of my customers. The report has previously been run manually on the instance, the output copied to a spreadsheet and send to the customer as an attachment.

I'm looking for a more permanent solution, so I intend on using sp_send_dbmail stored procedure to run the query and send it as an attachment.

Everything works but the formatting of the message. Initially I tried to attach the output as a CSV file with a @query_result_seperator = ',' but the results were everywhere!

When I run the report normally, the output looks fine in SQL. But sending it as a CSV or just in the message body doesn't.

I think it might work better if I export the output as HTML and send that as an attachment/or as XML but I don't know how to do this.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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If you still need to export the file and send it as an attachment, this can also be fully automated in SQL Server.

Exporting as a CSV can be achieved via BCP. There's more details in this answer, but the main idea is:

bcp "SELECT Col1,Col2,Col3 FROM MyDatabase.dbo.MyTable" queryout "D:\MyTable.csv" -c -t , -S SERVERNAME -T

You would then attach the file to the email in sp_send_dbmail.

USE msdb;

EXEC sp_send_dbmail 
  @recipients='[email protected]',
  @subject='Client Report',
  @body='Please find your latest report attached',

You could, if you want, attach multiple files to one email.


Yes you can send the report via HTML format, for example as listed in MS:

Scenario: This example sends an e-mail message to Dan Wilson using the e-mail address [email protected]. The message has the subject Work Order List, and contains an HTML document that shows the work orders with a DueDate less than two days after April 30, 2004. Database Mail sends the message in HTML format.


SET @tableHTML =
    N'<H1>Work Order Report</H1>' +
    N'<table border="1">' +
    N'<tr><th>Work Order ID</th><th>Product ID</th>' +
    N'<th>Name</th><th>Order Qty</th><th>Due Date</th>' +
    N'<th>Expected Revenue</th></tr>' +
    CAST ( ( SELECT td = wo.WorkOrderID,       '',
                    td = p.ProductID, '',
                    td = p.Name, '',
                    td = wo.OrderQty, '',
                    td = wo.DueDate, '',
                    td = (p.ListPrice - p.StandardCost) * wo.OrderQty
              FROM AdventureWorks2008R2.Production.WorkOrder as wo
              JOIN AdventureWorks2008R2.Production.Product AS p
              ON wo.ProductID = p.ProductID
              WHERE DueDate > '2006-04-30'
                AND DATEDIFF(dd, '2006-04-30', DueDate) < 2 
              ORDER BY DueDate ASC,
                       (p.ListPrice - p.StandardCost) * wo.OrderQty DESC
              FOR XML PATH('tr'), TYPE 
    ) AS NVARCHAR(MAX) ) +
    N'</table>' ;

EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @recipients='[email protected]',
    @subject = 'Work Order List',
    @body = @tableHTML,
    @body_format = 'HTML' ;

Moreover, you can use the read Sending HTML formatted email in SQL Server using the SSIS Script Task

Also, if you want to schedule HTML report read this here

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