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What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM?

What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM?
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way to prevent queries from waiting for table level lock

We've encountered a problem after moving the database of our customer to an extra server. This should have had positive effects on the site's performance, but there is a problem with table locking in ...
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From where does the MySQL Query Optimizer read index statistics?

I'm trying to determine from where the MySQL optimizer obtains the list of indexes that are available for a table when it estimates the cost of (prepares) a query from.
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When to switch from MyISAM to InnoDB?

We have a MySQL 5.0 server running all tables as MyISAM. We have two slaves that, in the last month, we have upgraded to MySQL 5.5. Their tables are also still MyISAM. My original plan was to upgrade ...
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How to optimize the my.cnf of a MySQL server that mixes InnoDB and MyISAM tablespaces?

I have a database that, because of some issues, I needed to convert some tables from MyISAM to InnoDB. I basically did this: set sql_log_bin = 0; set sql_mode = 'STRICT_ALL_TABLES'; ALTER TABLE `...
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How can I optimize this mySQL table that will need to hold 5+ million rows?

The table has about 12 rows. Indexes: idint(11), Unique, auto-increment, primary ATTACHMENTIDvarchar(14), Unique MLSNUMBERbigint(20) POSITIONint(10) FILETYPEvarchar(32) I'm doing an extended ...
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MySQL high CPU usage (MyISAM table indexes)

I have a problem with an inherited MySQL database. From time to time mysqld uses up to 2300% CPU.. The only solution is to service mysql stop and run an myisamchk -r on a table. After the indexes have ...
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Cache all mysql table

Maybe it sound's like i'm an idiot... But i'm developing app with huge db on RoR. Also i see that if i do some query and after that do it one more it is doing much faster, becouse it has been cached......
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Why does MyISAM support FULLTEXT Searching and InnoDB does not?

I know the basic differences between the MyISAM and InnoDB engines. In MySQL 5.6 beta, InnoDB will support fulltext search. But, I wonder why previous versions of InnobDB didn't support FTS? My guess ...
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Can I partially invalidate the MySQL table cache?

I want to set a fairly large table to MyISAM mode to keep it cached proactively. The table file is approximately 3GB. After several hours, MySQL invalidates the entire table from cache, while < ...
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