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How to properly implement relationship between a user and multiple other users [duplicate]

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How should I design a relationship table for friendship?

If A is a friend of B, then should I store both values AB and BA, or one is enough? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. Here is my observation: If I keep both then I have to ...
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Designing a database for a video game business domain with multiple many-to-many relationships

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Advice on a basic design, first time database design

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Should I create multiple tables for different entity states, statuses or stages?

I have a tasks table in my database and, in the business domain of interest, tasks can have multiple states: “open”, “begun”, “in review” and “completed”. Despite having “open” and “begun” in the same ...
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How to remove data redundancy in product table if multiple suppliers are there for same product

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Creating a Friendships database that includes a Block Friend option

My database teacher asked us to program a clone of Facebook using MySQL as the database management system, so I'm trying to represent a friends relationship in the corresponding database. So far I ...
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What to name a field that includes Store and Version ID

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One column link to others

I always search my problem with different search terms but the problem I am facing now I can't express this in search keyword. So instead I came here to ask directly from humans as machines were ...
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Assessing the normal form for a relation with a multi-valued attribute

Assume that you have designed the following schema of relations: COURSES (CID, CNAME) STUDENTS(SID, SNAME, FAV_CIDS) However, you can not have a relation with set valued attributes (Did not really ...
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