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I have table named ITEMS where there should be 2 auto increment columns. So the table structure would be: ID | ITEM_ID --------------------------------- 1 | ITEM201521080225-001 2 | ...
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How to use 2 auto increment columns in MySQL phpmyadmin

Is it possible to use 2 auto increment values ? One starting from 0 Another starting from 4000400 Please help me
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MySQL get next unique value without auto increment

I have an MySQL database (InnoDB) that I'm developing for tracking Work Orders at my organization. There are multiple 'sites', and each site has work order numbers starting at 100. WorkorderID ...
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Should I replace my varchar primary key with an integer primary key?

I have a table that has a varchar primary key that's associated with "Base Product Codes". They rarely change, and if they do, it's usually just being deleted or added. I figured it would be better ...
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MySQL and AUTO_INCREMENT columns in multiple-column index for InnoDB tables: support status?

Missing support for AUTO_INCREMENT columns in multiple-column index for InnoDB tables is a widely known limitation, as is the trigger workaround for when it is needed (see e.g this post). Yesterday, ...
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How can you have a combined primary key for one table?

I have exactly the same question as posted here. But in my case I do not use MySQL but Postgres. Can this be done with Postgres? All things indicate I can not use a combined index in Postgres, so ...
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Optimize MAX or ORDER BY column DESC with LIMIT 1

I have a scenario where I need to Insert a new record and increase a sub-id. The Query is very slow. Exist any better Solutions for this? Table CREATE TABLE `link_` ( `id` bigint(20) NOT NULL ...
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Apply nth occurrence number on each distinct value in a column

I have a table with a column of values where each value occurs a variable number of times (i.e., one value may occur 1 time, and another value may occur 3 times). I need to add a column that ...
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Issues converting MyISAM table to InnoDB (auto column issue)

I'm having issues trying to convert a table from MyISAM to InnoDB in MySQL 5.6. The following is the table dump: -- -- Table structure for table `companies` -- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `companies`; /*!...
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two auto incrementing columns

OK I have hit an issue, now I was going to look at having two auto incrementing columns, but I cant using InnoDB. So I am after a Solution. I have a table called queue. Everything to do with my task ...
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mysql - can a replica have a different primary key than the source?

I have a table with PRIMARY KEY (`id`) and I want to change it to PRIMARY KEY (`username`, `id`). These columns are defined as: `id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `username` ...
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Mysql sequential numbering based on MAX of another column

I've a table lp_pictures which have these fields: [id | plate_uid] [1 | aaa] [1 | aaa] [1 | aaa] [1 | bbb] [1 | bbb] [1 | bbb] and i need to UPDATE the field id to becomes: [id | plate_uid] [...
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How to go about modeling the main object of relationship?

I'm using MySQL and MyISAM tables. I have a bunch of objects that I want to group together 1 object belongs to 1 and only 1 group 1 group can have many objects 1 group has 1 required main object ...
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