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How to recover .ibd and .frm files in MySQL [duplicate]

I am developing a Java application with MySQL 5.6.13. A few days earlier I purchased a new laptop. I forgot to create a dump of application from previous laptop and instead I copied folder of my ...
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Restroring MYSQL databse from .frm and .ibd files (database does not exist error) [duplicate]

please help ... I want to restore MYSQL database using .frm and .ibd files (that's all I am having). here is additional information.. I reinstalled same version of WAMP without taking backup of ...
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Recover file MySQL .IBD [duplicate]

had a problem with a database on a machine that needed to be formatted, and I backed up the MySQL Server folder yesterday containing the .IDB and .FRM data regarding the DB structure and data. When ...
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Restoring MySQL Tables from .ibd, .frm and mysqllogbin files

For some reason, when I try to open up my tables that are stored in .frm and .ibd files (whether on MySQL or phpmyadmin) it gives me a syntax error, or it says it does not exist. I've read restore ...
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Recover MySQL database from data folder without ibdata1 from ibd files

My WAMP directory accidentally get deleted by another user. Only data folder in MySQLis available. And, in that only database-folders (folders in "\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.12\data\" with name of databases) ...
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How to Recover an InnoDB table whose files were moved around

So I have a test db server that was setup on a replication stream. Over the name an optimize came through that quickly filled up the space on the slaves datadir. Mysql dutifully was just waiting for ...
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How can extract the table schema from just the .frm file?

I have extracted the data directory of mysql from a backup and need to get the schema from an old table, however it's a backup from a different machine. I have read a fair number of tutorials today ...
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ERROR Cannot find or open table?

MySQL version: 5.5.24 Due to the following problem: mysql> desc reportingdb.v3_zone_date_cpm7k; ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'reportingdb.v3_zone_date_cpm7k' doesn't exist /var/log/mysqld....
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Table compression in InnoDB?

I have read that table index compression happens just in MyISAM, but I came across an article in dev.mysql that said: InnoDB supports table and index compression! So now what is the pros of MyISAM? ...
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Is it possible to restore a MySql database only using files from Data directory?

I have a mysql installed inside a windows virtual machine. The hard drive was crashed and the system is not able to restore all again. But I can have access to entire c: ROOT. So I went to c:/...
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Cannot access MySQL database after moving files in data directory

I am using Xampp locally and I recently did a computer upgrade where I went from XP to Windows 7 and also got a new drive to install Windows on. I have all my old Xampp files in: G:\xampp I installed ...
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Import .frm and .ibd files into a new instance of MySQL

I have the .frm and .ibd files from an old, non-working MySQL server (on Windows). I took out the hard drive and was able to get the data directory copied to my machine. How would I get them into ...
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Recovering mysql innodb table from table.ibd backup file

Just practising DB disaster recovery. As per our back up policy, we do complete disk image back ups every half an hour (on our slave server). Now for a scenario, where some how a table has been ...
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cannot delete db table

I tried to use a DROP statement to delete a table but I could not.Instead I tried the following....I deleted the .frm and .ibd files from of the respective table from the directory. Then I used a ...
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Cannot restore MySQL database from .frm and .ibd files

I have a bigger database with around 1000 tables. Unfortunately after a OS X update everything vanished, but I was able to recover all the file that now consists of only .frm and libd files. Following ...
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