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"zip" a mySQL (phpMyAdmin) database [duplicate]

I've created a large database on my local WAMP webserver. I would like to send that database with all tables and table data to another computer. Is this possible? mySQL ver: 5.5.15 PHP ver: 5.3....
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How to safely change MySQL innodb variable 'innodb_log_file_size'?

So I'm fairly new to tuning InnoDB. I'm slowly changing tables (where necessary) from MyIsam to InnoDB. I've got about 100MB in innodb, so I increased the innodb_buffer_pool_size variable to 128MB: ...
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Why does importing a 12 GB .sql file take more than 36 hours?

I've been waiting now for 36 hours for a 12 GB .sql file to be imported with a simple type site.sql | mysql command. I can see the ibdata1 is growing still, currently nearly 40 GB. Considering the ...
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How do convert a 66,862,521 row table from MyISAM to InnoDB without going offline for several hours?

is it possible (and how) to convert a huge MyISAM table into InnoDB without taking the application offline. It requires to insert a couple of rows into that table every second but it is possible to ...
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Any better way out of MySQL InnoDB log "in the future"?

I've got this InnoDB error in MySQL 5.0. Mysqld was stopped cleanly, but I managed to lose ib_logfile0 & ib_logfile1 afterward. Now after a clean startup, InnoDB has done its "crash recovery". ...
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Is possible to backup database online using rsync?

Some people tell me that the backup database on-the-fly using rsync is possible. I think it is possible but not safe because some log, buffer... is not flushed. Database is being recovered from the ...
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When is Seconds_Behind_Master too big?

My mysql_slave got stuck on an error and built up to being 200,000+ Seconds_Behind_Master. Should I rebuild it and start from scratch, or let it catch up by itself?
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Moving large databases

I have a centos server and /var/lib/mysql/ is 125GB (disk has 1GB free space). Ordinarily I would use mysqldump to backup the databases, but I don't normally work with such large databases, so I need ...
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MySql replication with Raw Data and InnoDB tables

I want to start replication on DB that has many InnoDB tables and MyISAM tables. I did everything according to manual Creating a Data Snapshot Using Raw Data Files. Firstly, I tried copied all ...
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MySQL Community Edition: Can I replicate my entire server with another server in one go?

I need to migrate all the databases from one server to another. There are about 100 databases, and all databases are used daily and updated/inserted too and read through their respective websites. ...
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Is there an easy way to copy one database to another

In MySQL? Say I have a local database. Now I want the remote database to mimic the local database. One way I can think of is to simply dump the database, upload and let things work. Well, database ...
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Mariadb processes stuck after aborted dump restore. What to do?

I tried to restore a database dump on my local server. I have created the database locally myself. The dump creates the tables and insert all the data. I used 'source "C:\my_dump_file.sql"' to start ...
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Duplicate table names after restoring a backup

I got this weird issue today when I restored a full .sql backup from one server to another server using dbForge Studio for MySQL (third party software). Both are having same properties like table ...
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