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Is support for Parallel Scalar UDF a reasonable feature request?

It is fairly well documented that scalar UDF's force an overall serial plan. Running functions in parallel Given a large number of rows coming into a point in the pipeline where a UDF must be ...
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Creating a Persisted Computed Column with a function

I am working with the programmers on a database solution. They want to add a computed column to mimic the old keys for the older queries, procedures, and systems and index it. The new keys will be ...
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Referencing another table from a computed column

I am working on a project where many of the entities in the data model do not have a name column, but instead the "name" needs to be constructed from a concatenation of multiple columns. Initially I ...
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Sql Max value from multiple columns in Computed Column

In this article solution 1, it talks about finding the maximum value from many columns. I would like to conduct this in a computed/persisted column. How would I do this?
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SQL Server not creating parallel plan with OPTION(MAXDOP 20)

We have a UAT3 server hosted on VM with 8 sockets and 20 processer, we have similar UAT2 server hosted on the same VM with same configuration. We are running a below query on both the server select ...
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How to check if a start and end date interval is within the range of another start and end date interval

As the title says, I need to check if a start and end date period is within the range of another start and end date period. I don't know if this needs to be done in a trigger or a stored procedure. ...
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Alter a scalar UDF that is used in a check constraint in SQL Server 2012

I have a check constraint on a column that uses a scalar UDF. I have a requirement where I need to make changes to the UDF. Based on what I know, I need to drop the constraint, make changes to the UDF,...
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Full Outer Joins Slowing Down Query

I am relatively new to SQL, so I apologize if I ask some basic questions. Our database is setup on Azure, we have automatic indexes turned on. The query I have takes about 6 seconds and gets 2217 ...
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Get datetime based on change in another column using UDF and computed column in TSQL [closed]

Given: Given a Microsoft SQL database table Log with multiple columns including these important ones: id (primary key), code (an integer that can take multiple values representing status changes), ...
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Optimising filter with dynamic computed column

I need to implement user risk scoring in model The user risk scoring must compile dynamically on changes (eg: profile, transaction) - meaning for any changes on profile or any incoming transaction, ...
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