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How to find which query is causing tempdb growing? [duplicate]

Good day. I'm trying to discover which query is causing tempdb growing too much (around 100gbyte). In my new company, people is using a lot of dynamic Excel files with various query. I'm pretty ...
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TempLog.ldf Grows Too Large [duplicate]

We have a stored procedure that we run regularly. It blows up the size of TempLog.ldf from nothing to 150 GB in the course of 3-4 hours. What's going on and why is it so big? TempDB.mdf is a constant ...
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Killed SPID on xp_LogInfo not rolling back and growing tempdb [duplicate]

I received a notification that the space on the drive my tempdb sits on was running low, when checking the running process it pointed to a server agent task. I checked the scheduled tasks and we had ...
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TempDB log file bloated suddenly [duplicate]

I am trying to understand what could be the possible reason which would have caused tempdb ldf file grow full and went out of space on the drive it resides. Compared the pattern for last month and ...
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Find which session is holding which temporary table

We have a SQL Server 2005 database the temp database has become full. By going into SQL Server Management Studio I can see all the temporary tables in the tempdb. Is it possible to tell which session ...
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DDL contention on TempDB

I have a SQL Server 2005 Standard x64 that is experiencing issues with TempDB DDL contention for the past few months. The server will experiencing contention on wait resource 2:1:103 (the wait type ...
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TempDB will not shrink. No Open Transactions

I have a TempDB on SQL 2008 that has gotten very large (>40gb) and I want to shrink it down. I have used the dbcc shrinkdatabase, dbcc shrinkfile and the shrink command through Management Studio. I ...
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Find transactions that are filling up the version store

we have enabled the "READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT" for some of our SQL Server 2005 databases. Now from time to time we see that our TempDB is filling up the harddisk and we suspect the version store to be ...
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Issues with TempDB mdf file ever increasing

I have a tempdb growth issue. Let me preface everything by giving my tempdb settings. Even with no queries running on the database/server tempdb keeps on increasing in size, at first rapidly and then ...
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Tempdb is getting full very quickly in microsoft sql server 2008

I am developing a log analyzer tool and After queering it and generating reports Tempdb is getting full very quickly . Is there any solution to clean the tempdb file in microsoft sql server 2008 on ...
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Azuredb The database 'tempdb' has reached its size quota

We are runnig a V12 Azure Database instance on the S3 tier. There is still about 100GB of a free space on the database. When loading 85MB XML file with SSIS running on a different non azure SQL server,...
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Tempdb log file was growing continuously on SQL Server 2008 R2-SP2. Could a pending insert statement which uses temporary table be a cause?

I just started at my new job as a DBA. All of a sudden, we started getting alerts about disk space. When looked into it, I found that tempdb log file was growing continuously. There was an active ...
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Tempdb data files are growing fast in SQL server 2014?

A few days back we have moved to 2014 from 2012 server and we kept the same settings as earlier like we are using 8 data files in Tempdb for better performance and all placed in single drive. As this ...
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how to kill a rogue spid that is already killed?

I have an obstinate spid that I cannot kill and it is preventing the transaction log of my tempdb to get truncated this is how I found this rogue spid: if object_id('tempdb..#OpenTranStatus','U') is ...
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What are the options of reducing tempdb latency?

Took the job of monitoring and tununing a SQL Servers 2012 Enterprise Ed. SP1 (64 bit) on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Ed. All of them are running inside virtual machines. One SQL Server per a ...
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