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Trying to find a way fit an extremely large index in to memory

Description: I am having trouble with the on-growing data size in my MySQL database. I am using Ejabberd and MAM function which will make use of an archive table to store messages sent between ...
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MySQL Performance Planning

I am considering moving my existing script which is downloaded to be a hosted script. One of the things it does is to keep track of some stats. My concern is with heavy hitters (100,000 pageviews/...
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in Mariadb - Can you cache the indexes and data for Aria Storage engine tables?

I have a table that is a read-only table (real-time view), I used Aria based on the recommendation for read-heavy workload. Based on this What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM? When ...
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Large queries on MyISAM tables crashing MySQL

I have a PHP website, which is using the third-party software ResourceSpace, that when I installed it, it used my default storage engine to create the tables, which at the time was MyISAM. Now that ...
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Only InnoDB databases locking up

I'm trying to troubleshoot my MYSQL in a LAMP and have an interesting situation. At first I thought MYSQL itself was locking up, but it turns out to be ONLY innodb databases that are locking up. ...
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mysql multiple database prioritize innodb buffer pool size

With a mysql instance and multiple databases within that instance is there a way to allocate which database you would like to assign priority to the buffer pool size?
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Log file for mysql

I would like to know where will my error logged for mysql server. As of now I just see one log that is in /var/log/mysqld.log. I saw some have .err files too am I missing something here? What would ...
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Normalization, field types and relationship

The following table is part of my project. I'm really strict about field types and store engines. I've read a lot of questions from this site, but I think there are a lot to do in the first step. Is ...
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Few Insert queries rollbacked due to system crash

Well, this problem occured to me first time. Yesterday, one of our mysql system server crashed and when it restarted last few inserts were completely rollbacked. I am sure that they were proper ...
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What settings should I use in my.cnf

We have about 5-6 different internal webapps (staff use only) that we will be transferring across to a new virtual server, however I need to setup our my.cnf settings first and I am lost (I am web ...
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extra steps after changing storage engine and adding index

Someone told me to look into his website for quick optimization; I'm a programmer and i don't have much experience optimizing databases. I have a php/MySQL site uses the MyISAM storage engine. It ...
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Query on large database much slower on HDD

I have the following table: CREATE TABLE `Geo1` ( `id` int(8) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `nameRef` int(8) DEFAULT NULL, `placeRef` mediumint(7) UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL, `category` enum(...) COLLATE ...
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