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How important is InnoDB versus MyISAM? [duplicate]

Does it really matter if the default storage engine is InnoDB? My default storage engine is MyISAM
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Which is faster, InnoDB or MyISAM?

How can MyISAM be "faster" than InnoDB if MyISAM needs to do disk reads for the data? InnoDB uses the buffer pool for indexes and data, and MyISAM just for the index?
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Is the CPU performance relevant for a database server?

This is a purely theoretical question. Let's say I have an application deployed on multiple servers. A load balancer, Multiple/scalable applications servers A (single) database server (for the ...
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Why are simple SELECTs on InnoDB 100x slower than on MyISAM?

I have quite an annoying problem. I want to use INNODB as my main database engine and give up on MyISAM as I need the former for using galera-cluster for redundancy. I copied (description follows) ...
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way to prevent queries from waiting for table level lock

We've encountered a problem after moving the database of our customer to an extra server. This should have had positive effects on the site's performance, but there is a problem with table locking in ...
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Cache MySQL database in memory

I am having problems with a website with 600MB of MySQL database. The website is way too slow. I noticed the bigger the MySQL database gets, the slower it goes. When it was 5MB, the website was very ...
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MySql - Clean ibdata1

I have a database whose entire size is ~44GB, out of which ibdata1 is ~35GB. That doesnt make sense, since the size of the data shouldn't be more than 10GB. I use the following query to get an ...
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Benefits of table level locking

What are the benefits of table level locking which is used by the MyISAM storage engine? Row level locking has lots of benefits like concurrent updates and reads that do not lock the table. Edit Its ...
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MySql recommended hardware

Our company servers are currently hosted on a VPS and we've decided to move into dedicated servers. When choosing the best hardware for a DB server, what should we invest more resources: better CPU (...
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Query runs a long time in some newer MySQL versions

I have created a database on MySQL 5.0.15. I have a query and when I run this query on this MySQL version, I get 0.9 s run time. When I import this database to another MySQL server with same hardware ...
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Optimized my.cnf for high-end and busy server

Currently my main culprit of poor performance is MySQL and I'm not DB savvy. So far, I've had little luck in optimizing MySQL configs on my server, which has a Sandy Bridge processor with 16GB RAM and ...
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MySQL performance impact of increasing innodb_buffer_pool_size

I have two databases one of size 170 MB and second one is of 15 MB, both having INNODB tables and innodb_buffer_pool_size is set to 8 MB. My queries are responding well now i.e under mili seconds. ...
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MySQL 5.1 InnoDB Configuration / 24GB RAM - bi-xeon high load

i'm running a facebook app which currently has 300 - 600 concurrent users (and growing). To get the hardware ready for growing i changed my i7 / 12gb ram / 2x 80gb intel x25 ssd's (debian 5.0 / mysql ...
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MySQL Performance Tuning for MyISAM

I need to performance tune a mysql server and need help. I have a 16G server dedicated to MySQL with 1 MyISAM table with about 2 million rows that gets a significant amount of traffic. There are ...
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MySQL High Performance for Lots of SELECTs/INSERTs/UPDATEs/DELETEs

I am creating a module where every user often gets a record into a table for 10 to 300 seconds. When the time expires a record gets deleted. The case is: there will be a lot of users and records will ...
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